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"I'd rather wear flowers in my hair, than diamonds around my neck"


I post my own artwork, random stuff and fandom related posts.

Ops, I changed my username 👆Didn’t really like the old one…
🎶Tonari no Totoro…🎶 Skething kiddy figures today ✌️
Very quick little painting for my little niece. (A very belated birthday gift) Cheap alternative when money is short. 🙈 And we haven’t tired of Frozen yet, have we?
Why sleep when you can draw?
Drawing girls, cause I can’t draw anything else…
Part of a Zodiac series I started a while back. This is Taurus. Would be fun to try and finish all of them. ✌️
I’m on holiday in Crete atm and enjoying the sun, so here is another oldie to keep this account alive. 😉
Albert Einstein done with graphite pencils. Gave up on the hair after a while…
Quick sketch this morning of my favourite bad, good guy, Severus Snape.
Something different. It’s cute and cuddly, (and missing its back legs) and I just wanted to try out my new Copic Markers.